Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

to be sung to the tune of "my bonnie lies over the ocean"

the turkey popped out of the oven
and rocketed in to the air
it knocked every plate off the table
and partly demolished a chair

it ricocheted into a corner
and burst with a deafening boom,
then splattered all over the kitchen
completely obscuring the room

it stuck to the walls and the windows
it totally coated the floor
'twas turkey attached to the ceiling
where there'd never been turkey before

it blanketed every appliance
it smeared every saucer and bowl
there wasn't a way i could stop it
that turkey was out of control

i scraped and i scrubbed with displeasure
and thought with chagrin as i mopped
that i'd never again stuff a turkey
with popcorn that hadn't been popped!

by jack prelutsky

dr. roberts, i presume?

...would be my husband, in about 3 billion years.

he's going to med school!
god works in really funny ways sometimes... this time he worked through me getting run over by a truck. (ok, there were other things too.) joel has enjoyed taking care of me so much for the last 2 months, that he's decided he wants to do that for the rest of his life.

so... that means a few more years of pre-reqs (apparently a degree in biblical greek wasn't good enough...) we'll be taking math together next term. (review for me ~ i went higher in math than joel the algebra teacher did, believe it or not!)

then... mcat, med school, residency... oh my!

Monday, November 19, 2007


a few posts back, i used the word "embarassed" in a blog title.

yes, a double irony has occurred in lalaland. the spelling nazi, in recounting her most embarrassing moment, spelled "embarrassed" wrong.

i am doubly embarrassed (sp?)

Friday, November 16, 2007

i've been listening to "world" music lately.

that's what napster calls it. it's where they throw everything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

i've downloaded cirque du soleil soundtracks, senegalese fusion, electronica-eastern-rock, celtic, klezmer, and a group called "bedouin soundclash" .... to name a few.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

he won.

in other news,
i lost.

Monday, November 12, 2007

battle of ... um ... us

will be decided tonight.

joel and i play fantasy football. in the same league.


so, this weekend, we are playing each other. and it all comes down to tonight. we each have 2 seahawks, and i'm ahead by a thread...

please think happy thoughts for deion branch and josh brown... they're my only hope...

Friday, November 2, 2007

i'm listening...

to christmas music!

and downloading more with our napster (yay cheap and easy (though glitchy) napster!!!!!)
even though i already have a christmas playlist that's over 40 hours of music.

it makes me happy.