Thursday, May 24, 2007

more photoshoppage

i think i'll call my style "picass-emo"
except i'm not cubist

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

later that day...

lani: so gerry (gerry smith - adult min), what do you think of teletubbies?
tim: [snort]
: love them
tim: lani thinks they’re going to take over the church.
lani: well, kind of. it’s like – we will be teletubbies… that’s what our resurrected, perfected bodies will look like.
tim: WHAT?
gerry: actually i think we’re all going to look like me.
lani and tim: WHAT?
gerry: it’s true.
lani: so that’s what you think, mr. ego smith?!?
gerry: you’ll see, all of you.

the teletubbies have begun their mind control

we have funny conversations in the church office.
matt (student min), tim (office assistant) and i were talking about oprah and rachel ray today when the phone rang, and it kind of went downhill from there…

phone rings – lani answers

phone: “hi, this is mike with CGI – did you know that you could save 2.024673190035pi% on mail order brides from…” (or something like that)

matt: …teletubbies.
tim: and that, my friends, is a perfect example of why we don’t smoke crack.
matt: so I’ll be seeing you midgets later-
me: teletubbies don’t smoke crack!
tim: YOU smoke crack!
me: no i don’t, i drink christian crack – i don’t smoke it unless you count when they burn the shots.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


the church has a copy of photoshop 7.0 (leftover from days long before i came here) that i installed on my computer.

here are my very first experiments!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

the war rages on...

friday morning i woke up, stumbled into the bathroom, pulled back the shower curtain...

and the bathtub was full of ants!

they weren't anywhere else in the whole house - just the bathtub! (well, ok, there was one on the bathroom floor next to the bathtub, but that's it.)

why the bathtub, for goodness' sake? it's not even like we have a messy bathtub with plenty of yummy soap scum to attract them ~ i keep a pretty clean tub.

so i covered the bathtub with raid (very satisfying), and went to work, planning to spend a beautiful sunny friday afternoon inside scrubbing the bathtub. oh joy.
but i had a migraine, and joel insisted on doing it for me so i could take a shower. he is seriously the most wonderful man in whole entire world and i am confident that with him on my side, we will be victorious against the forces of evil ant-ness.

here's a picture of him (not engaged in ant-battle):

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

wendy update

wendy, the dear darling kitten who enchanted the grace office... has siblings!

she was found by a dear gentleman who is severely allergic to cats, but can't stand to see a kitten hurt. he found wendy and knew that she had at least a few other 3 week old siblings hiding in the same area, so he crawled under a house to find all of them! what a wonderful guy!

so here they are, happy and healthy!

left to right: joey, wendy, lexy, josh... and on top is gracie.
they'll all be available for adoption in a few weeks!!!!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

mac vs. pc

this weekend, we had a project for work. a big project, a FUN project. it was awesome. we made a video for the newsboys "SHINE" (the cool version, not the 80's version) to show in church as part of the sermon.
i started plugging away at my powerpoint, enjoying the project and wishing (as always) that i had more than 3 days notice to have it completed for sunday. tim thomas (who enjoys this kind of stuff as much as i do!) took the project home and brought it back the next day - it had taken him 45 minutes using imovie what would have taken me a good 3 hours in powerpoint!
so... i was converted, we agreed to get together saturday and finish the project using his fabulous imovie program.

a bit of background: i'm a pc girl. my mind thinks in nice little windows. i even like the name "windows." it's catchy. it brings to mind sunlight streaming onto my desktop and a beautiful view... but i digress.
so when this whole "imovie" thing came up, i already had a long standing feud with anyone who stood for apples (rotten fruit computers), fueled more by my lack of knowledge than experience. we fear that which we do not know...

so we met tim and heidi saturday morning, had brunch together (it was delicious, tim makes fabulous buttermilk waffles without buttermilk) and dug in, heidi to her math homework with joel tutoring her, and tim and i to shine

...and the rotten fruit computer to making our lives miserable. i have never experienced hiccups, glitches, and yes, mr. steve jobs, crashes, like these on any sunlight-streaming-through-happy-windows-pc that i have ever had the great priviledge to work with in my 20 years of pc-infused life!
it deleted work, it confused itself, it decided things about our movie that we hadn't begun to think of, it changed its mind, it hiccuped, it sneezed, it stopped and started without warning, it behaved like an undisciplined, tantrum throwing 3-year-old!
finally, exhausted, at around 1:30am we finished our project, fighting the computer every step of the way. it was magnificent. much better than anything we could have done in powerpoint. it was a work of art, and could have only been created on a mac...

but where was the reliability lauded on...

oh... wait...

mac commercials


got it.


actually, after this weekend, i really want a mac (but don't tell anyone). they can do things that i've never been able to do with my dell and so easily! and i guess this was the first time that tim has ever had problems like this with his mac...
however, i don't have the fortitude to resist this opportunity to take a few shots at macs, though my feud is now more of a sour grapes thing than lack of knowledge... i don't know what i'll d0 if i ever actually get a mac... part of my identity as "the mac hater" will be lost, or else i'll be in denial, or...

what can i say, i have issues! meanwhile, enjoy:

Thursday, May 10, 2007

meet wendy

jeanne gutridge (a dear friend from work) does foster care for kittens, and recently had to bring a tiny bottle-feeding baby into the office.

her name is wendy, and she is the sweetest, spunkiest little 3-week old kitten who ever crawled all over the front desk at grace.

here are sme pics of our adventure, and if you are in the market to adopt a kitten, let me know and i'll put you in touch with jeanne for some of the cutest little darlings you've ever seen.

meet choppers

another step in our journey as new homeowners:

we finally bought (and used, to the joy of our neighbors) a lawnmower.

mowing the lawn just isn't one of those new-home things you can put off very long... especially when you have close neighbors.
joel and i are both procrastinators - we can procrastinate on painting the walls, replacing the doorknobs, the rest of our ambitious fresh-new-homeowner-to-do list,
but the lawn-jungle waits for no man (or woman).

it grows resolutely, and this is the season it picks to do it.

so we chopped it down, waayyy too late, with our beee-yoo-teeful new lawnmower.

his name is choppers.

joel and choppers = b.f.f. (not)

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our jungle home (but not for long)

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the jungle meets its match

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