Thursday, June 24, 2010

going crazy here ...

i'm not even going to try for a random update blog this time. no way, no how.

i am not going to try to chronicle every time appliances, automobiles, and felines have malfunctioned in the last couple weeks, because the number would be in the dozens. i am not exaggerating. i tried to count and gave up at 28.

i am not going to share how i locked myself out of my car, my house, and my bedroom within a few days. we are getting very friendly with the locksmith.

i am not going to talk about the spiders.

i am not going to mention how many times i have exploded hot milk all over myself or how many bruises i have from walking into walls, doorknobs, etc... mostly from lack of sleep.

i am not going to give an account of our activities from the last couple weeks, because huge things like moving, starting a new job, and starting nursing school have overshadowed the smaller things, like, you know, planning a bridal shower, prepping for cyt middle school camp, making our old house rent-able, putting on a showcase for our spring cyt class, multiple photo gigs, houseguests, my first piano studio recital .... like i said, little things.
[intense sarcasm]

and i am not going to complain, because we have had a lot of great times with a lot of people, and God is teaching us (by us i mean me) not to stress. i'm a very slow learner.

but seriously, you know you're not getting enough sleep when you start seeing monsters in your takeout.
so a great analogy struck me tonight, almost literally, and i thought i'd share it. (because i'm not going to sleep until 2:30am anyway, so what's 15 more minutes?)

the setting: our new house.
the time: grabbing dinner right after worship practice.
the culprit: demon spawn pamina. who else?

there we were, having a peaceful 5 minutes before diving into our homework and camp prep, when we heard a curious sound, like clipping fingernails, from the hallway-stair region. joel investigated and found that the cat had brought in a mouse and was playing with it, not catching it - playing with it, on the stairs. i was immediately plagued with uncontrollable laughter (like i said - crazy person here) while joel and the cat caught the mouse.

i call this shot "scared mouse covered in cat spit in tupperware".
so, the analogy. bear with me. so the cat is the universe, or my schedule. i haven't figured which. i am the mouse, being chased frantically around the staircase of life. until my knight-in-shining-armor comes to rescue me, sweep me up into the tupperware of rest, and deposit me into the ivy hedge of peaceful existence. unfortunately, my knight-in-shining-armor's white steed is usually stuck in traffic these days.

i told joel i'm a crazy person. he smiled really big and said, "but you're my crazy person!"