Wednesday, June 25, 2008


in the "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" series, there is a character called the rain god. wherever he goes, for his entire life, it rains.

i have become the beep deity. they started at work - inspections, security and fire alarm work during our building project ... the beeps are endless and loud, continuing for entire workdays or longer.
they followed me home - waking me up yesterday morning as joel used our excercise bike, again this morning when his cell phone lost battery.
they follow me when i'm driving - the ups truck beeps. at home - the microwave, computer ...

i think i'm going insane.

Friday, June 20, 2008

the triumphant collegiate

photos of becky.
she was home from college for a very short time, and now she's gone again.
i miss her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

commitment bankruptcy

i heard a feature on npr the other day about email bankruptcy - that is, when you get so overloaded on emails you simply delete your entire inbox.

i have decided that i want to declare commitment bankruptcy.
not on the really important commitments - this is not relationship bankruptcy.
just all those projects i've massively overcommitted to. the ones that are running (and ruining) my life.
i'm approximately 6-9 weeks behind on photo/design projects, even further behind on home projects, and i can't remember the last time i edited a photo just for the fun of it.

but i can't just start over with a clean slate. just like declaring bankruptcy has financial consequences, shirking commitments has relational consequences. in a way, any level of commitment bankruptcy - even the little commitments - would be relationship bankruptcy.

and i value my relationships too much for that - even if i go a little crazy with the yes button sometimes...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

zoom zoom zoom!

lani's driving timeline:

fall 2001:
acquire drivers' ed books. study. kind of.
january 2002: fail permit test
march 2002: fail permit test (again)
august 2002: pass permit test
may 2004: fail drive test for license because the emergency brake was on the whole time.
july 2004: pass test, acquire license.
sept. 2004: rear-end a minivan in my parents' truck. cry copiously.
sept. 2004: get rear-ended. this was not my fault.
feb. 2005: acquire a car. a "no frills" '91 bonneville with 250,000 miles. (the distance from the earth to the moon, in trips home from college by my husband's roommates.)
spring 2006: run into a stupid pop-out side view mirror because a stupid bike swerved right in front of my stupid car and didn't even STOP!
fall 2006: acquire a new car. one that actually works.
august 2007: run into an open gate, splitting my grill, denting my hood, and breaking my back window. read about that here.
sept. 2007: get hit by a truck while walking to work. read about that here.
winter 2008: start using hand-me-down car from little brother due to the many issues my car has adopted.

my boss (jay), and his son kylen drop in at grace right before 5. their car ran out of battery and they need a jump.
auto-woman to the rescue!
i pull on my superwoman-cape-of-competence, jump in my car, and zoom off to the stranded SUV (with jay and kylen in tow). it's pulled off on a teeny shoulder on one of the busiest streets in gresham, right next to a very busy intersection. to properly position myself to jump their car, i have to turn a full circle and end up facing them on this teeny shoulder. did i mention it was rush hour?
so jay stops traffic, and i go in for landing #1. it doesn't take. my back end is now blocking traffic and the light is green. i sit there with a stupid grin on my face (usually the best option when other drivers are glaring at your tush), and wait for a red light and landing#2. 2nd time's the charm: i'm in.
next, i'm instructed to "pop the hood." great. i have no clue how to "pop the hood". i just got this car, ok?! (um, alright, i got it like 4 months ago, but still...)
so i found a lever that looks good, and i pull on it with all my might. the hood isn't "popping" so jay comes over to lend a hand.
"uh, that's the lever for the trunk. your hood lever should be up here."
(he reaches up and pops my hood. MY HOOD! the nerve...)

the rest of the jump is uneventful and successful. of course, my part was over.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

when the going gets tough

...the tough play baseball.
this video is awesome.

One Legged Inspirational Little Leaguer - Watch more free videos

this kid, adam bender, is 8 years old. at 1 year old he lost a leg to cancer.
he also plays soccer and football.