Wednesday, June 18, 2008

commitment bankruptcy

i heard a feature on npr the other day about email bankruptcy - that is, when you get so overloaded on emails you simply delete your entire inbox.

i have decided that i want to declare commitment bankruptcy.
not on the really important commitments - this is not relationship bankruptcy.
just all those projects i've massively overcommitted to. the ones that are running (and ruining) my life.
i'm approximately 6-9 weeks behind on photo/design projects, even further behind on home projects, and i can't remember the last time i edited a photo just for the fun of it.

but i can't just start over with a clean slate. just like declaring bankruptcy has financial consequences, shirking commitments has relational consequences. in a way, any level of commitment bankruptcy - even the little commitments - would be relationship bankruptcy.

and i value my relationships too much for that - even if i go a little crazy with the yes button sometimes...

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