Saturday, June 30, 2007


here's a random, pointless, waste of time site that i'm guessing you'll go to now that i'm blogging it. (unless you're passive aggressive and won't because i just said that i guessed you would. betcha don't know what to do now, huh? i'll let you stew while i finish my blog.)

type in your name, or any word for that matter, and it gives you a slogan!
as if you weren't smart enough to come up with one on your own!

mine is "the real smell of lani"

boo-yah. uh-huh. that's right. don't mess with me - my coolness factor is so totally beyond anything you ever hoped to achieve...
unless of course you go to the site and type in your name. you might get something as cool as the next slogan it generated for me.
"ho ho ho, green lani"

however did we entertain ourselves before the internet?


Friday, June 29, 2007

how romantic!

there's this one spot on the sandy river that joel and i have dubbed "our place."

i know just about every married couple has at least one spot like that - a restaurant, park, or remote spot. we've got a few, but this is probably the most special.
it's hard to get to in the winter, so we're always super excited when it gets just dry enough in the spring to climb down the muddy hill (it's practically a cliff) and hike on the rocks and around the rapids.

a few weeks ago we decided to take tim and heidi thomas to "our place." it didn't matter that it had rained that day and that it was already 8pm and dark was threatening... (overt foreshadowing)

so we drove, and hiked, and jumped on rocks... and it got dark.

we hurried back, not wanting to be stuck in complete darkness... only two major hurdles between us and the car: one last major jump across rapids, and climbing back up the muddy hill.
we reached the rapids - the boys jumped, no problem (boys!). heidi... let's just say she finally jumped with no problem.

...and then it was my turn.
and i looked. and i could barely see the rock.
and finally, i jumped. and i hit the rock. and my legs gave way.
and i was falling into the the rapid-y, waterfall-y, river

and then the most amazing thing happened.
my husband caught me.
and he lifted me out of the river.
and he saved me from hitting my head on the rock and going over the rapid.

at the time it was not very romantic. it was painful and startling. i was bruised, cut, wet, and shaking like a leaf.

but looking back on it is very romantic. :)

the treasured keepsakes of most romantic evenings come in the form of pressed flowers, special gifts, maybe a napkin from a special cafe...
~my memento is a scar.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i cleaned my desktop off!

and my documents!
and my folders!


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this is my actual desktop at this moment. this is like, more uncluttered than it has been since my computer crashed. i am elated!

now... to my non-virtual desktop.

my dark side

from this...

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to this...

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i 'll let you draw your own conclusions.

you might want to think twice before voicing them, though.

i certainly wouldn't want to upset ... that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

directory schmirectory

we finally finished the church directory!

this last week.
about 10 months too late.

it certainly wasn't for lack of trying - our server crashed, our database was lost, we had to decide on a plan for a new database, build the new database from access, reenter all the data (and in a church that can get pretty complicated), coordinate with pastors, volunteers, on and on...

and it's finally done.

i'm not sure what my life purpose is any more. i come to work every morning... with no directory to work on. no database stuff to figure out. nobody asking when the directory will be coming out...

maybe i'll clean the last year and a half of office sediment from my desk.
...that should take me until it's time to print another directory!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

seduced by the cyclops

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captive to the one eyed shape shifter


in a sunless world

of glaring blue light

unaware of time

forgotten by the world

Monday, June 18, 2007

a few pics...

taken with new lens.

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we have the most beautiful morning glories in our back yard! we also have about 7 different kinds of fencing. i intend to explore the artistic possibilities of all of them...

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joel is so patient about being photographed constantly. his only request is that i don't use flash while he's driving. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

delinquent blogstress

oh well, whatever the noun is, the adjective is the same: delinquent.

i've just been to busy living life to write about it much.
don't forsee that changing much until the end of june, but i'll try... :)

some highlights of the past few weeks:

-helping tim and heidi babysit 8 month old triplets for a saturday!

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-painting the interior of our home.
no pics yet :( but we finished the living room, bathroom, and bedroom (except trim, which i still have to pick a color for).

-my new slr camera and sweet lens - and having fun!


Monday, June 4, 2007

new camera!!!!!

i have a NEW CAMERA!

it's a canon eos digital rebel xti.
and i love it.
it is beautiful.
the pics it takes are beautiful.

...and the wireless on my computer has been down for a week - so i don't know when i'll be able to start posting them, but i've already got a couple fun ones...


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