Tuesday, June 26, 2007

directory schmirectory

we finally finished the church directory!

this last week.
about 10 months too late.

it certainly wasn't for lack of trying - our server crashed, our database was lost, we had to decide on a plan for a new database, build the new database from access, reenter all the data (and in a church that can get pretty complicated), coordinate with pastors, volunteers, on and on...

and it's finally done.

i'm not sure what my life purpose is any more. i come to work every morning... with no directory to work on. no database stuff to figure out. nobody asking when the directory will be coming out...

maybe i'll clean the last year and a half of office sediment from my desk.
...that should take me until it's time to print another directory!


1 comment:

Tim & Heidi Thomas said...

congrats on that huge task, a job well done! proud of you! talk to you soon.....tonight was so good. thanks again, Lani! Love, Heidi :)