Friday, August 29, 2008

beacon rock

 of the most rewarding hikes i know. it's relatively short, with spectacular views, and it's very rarely crowded.
we hiked it a couple weeks ago (august 11, i believe) - the first real hike i've done since my accident. i was pleasantly surprised at how well my foot held up.

another milestone in recovery ... trying to celebrate the little successes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


august always seems to descend in a blur of unanticipated activity - some planned, most not. i should be prepared for this by now: every year since we've been married august has almost killed me.

however, i wasn't. i'm still in the throes - but had to post today, on our anniversary. :)

i'll post pics from our hike up beacon rock, trip to see the kids at trout lake, visit to the state fair, birth of our god-daughter, my class in sacramento and our one-day excursion in yosemite later ...
but for now, here we are, married 4 years today! (photo taken on the top of beacon rock - hence the sweatiness and lack of makeup, with a 50mm lens, hence the extreme closeup.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

tim&heidi maternity session

only one month late!
these shots are from the beginning of july. now, the beginning of august, we're still waiting for little girl thomas to make her grand appearance. she's a stubborn one... :)

i love photoshoots with friends - we had so much fun.

see some of these larger/better resolution here:

Monday, August 4, 2008


my photo of the japanese gardens was included in this edition of the pdx shmap guide.
w00t! ^_^

here's the link to the page in the guide - click on the photo to see it on my flickr.,-122.736&bottomright=45.47361,-122.63952&i=77949_35.jpg

coming soon - photos from my awesome downtown shoot with eric and tiffany!

Friday, August 1, 2008


we saw switchfoot live in pdx last friday.

please don't hate me, i would have called you if i had time. all of you, every last one.

joel called me friday afternoon, waking me up from a long needed nap:
him "if you leave right now and meet me downtown we might make it to see switchfoot."
me "[blink] [sniff] who? ..... switchfoot????"
him "they're playing on 6th."
me "where on 6th?"
him "i have no idea. sw 6th. in portland. i think it's outdoors. it starts in 20 minutes."

we made it for about 45min of the concert. they were playing at creation and stopped by for a little show, sponsored by 105.1 "the buzz". the group was abbreviated - 3 members, acoustic feel. there were maybe 100 people there.

i can't give you audio, but i can give you a bit of visual - my first time photographing a concert!