Friday, August 1, 2008


we saw switchfoot live in pdx last friday.

please don't hate me, i would have called you if i had time. all of you, every last one.

joel called me friday afternoon, waking me up from a long needed nap:
him "if you leave right now and meet me downtown we might make it to see switchfoot."
me "[blink] [sniff] who? ..... switchfoot????"
him "they're playing on 6th."
me "where on 6th?"
him "i have no idea. sw 6th. in portland. i think it's outdoors. it starts in 20 minutes."

we made it for about 45min of the concert. they were playing at creation and stopped by for a little show, sponsored by 105.1 "the buzz". the group was abbreviated - 3 members, acoustic feel. there were maybe 100 people there.

i can't give you audio, but i can give you a bit of visual - my first time photographing a concert!

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Kristi said...

No fair, I love Switchfoot!