Wednesday, May 23, 2007

later that day...

lani: so gerry (gerry smith - adult min), what do you think of teletubbies?
tim: [snort]
: love them
tim: lani thinks they’re going to take over the church.
lani: well, kind of. it’s like – we will be teletubbies… that’s what our resurrected, perfected bodies will look like.
tim: WHAT?
gerry: actually i think we’re all going to look like me.
lani and tim: WHAT?
gerry: it’s true.
lani: so that’s what you think, mr. ego smith?!?
gerry: you’ll see, all of you.

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Tim & Heidi Thomas said...

Get to work you two! :) Sounds like you're all having just a bit too much fun..............H :)