Tuesday, May 15, 2007

wendy update

wendy, the dear darling kitten who enchanted the grace office... has siblings!

she was found by a dear gentleman who is severely allergic to cats, but can't stand to see a kitten hurt. he found wendy and knew that she had at least a few other 3 week old siblings hiding in the same area, so he crawled under a house to find all of them! what a wonderful guy!

so here they are, happy and healthy!

left to right: joey, wendy, lexy, josh... and on top is gracie.
they'll all be available for adoption in a few weeks!!!!

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Denise said...

Hi Lani! Wow, it's good to hear from you. It's been a while for sure. Your parents of course share some news of you in their Christmas letters, but I'm glad you were able to find me (& Ali), and that I was able to find you. I'm not surprised to see you're loving marriage and plugged in to a job that seems like a great fit for you. I know we never knew each other too well, but your fabulous zest for life-- things interesting, meaningful, and beautiful seems to have clearly continued from your youth. One of my clearest memories was when "kid sitting" you asked (politely begged) if you could dance for me. I think you used some kind of scarf and I was charmed by your unashamed joy and creativity.
Press on & keep savoring all His many good gifts,

Denise said...

Andy just walked in, and after reading your message on our blog reminded me of something your mom once said, that I think of all the time now. I figured it'd be a clever time to retell one more old story: Denise comes over to the Lubecks for the first time, after some introductory chatting, "My, Lani sure is a cute little girl. I think she'll be a very pretty young lady." Your mom, very serious and a bit concerned, "Oh, Umnn, I hope she'll be a very godly young lady." In 1994, Denise was like, 'Sheesh. I just thought she was pretty...' In 2007 with a daughter of my own, I COMPLETELY understand!
Even so, I certainly enjoy compliments on my girl. :) I'm sure it's obvious that I'm a bit smitten myself. I hope you enjoy touching base with her "adventures." I'll enjoy checking in with you as well. I think you've taken some just super pictures-- I agree digital photography is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What adorable kittens!!!! If they weren't long haired I'd snatch one for myself! How fun. We never got cute fuzzy animals to play with when I worked in the office! :)

Joel said...

They really make me think about wanting to take one they are soooo adorable!

Tim & Heidi Thomas said...

you know that you have to take TWO for companionship you know!!! :) Heidi