Tuesday, March 13, 2007

head update

since i last myspaced, i have tried a drug, gone through a week of nasty side effects, and now i'm on a new one! yay! this new one (amitriptyline - it's a psycho drug they give to cats) makes me super sleepy, but other than that it may work - we'll see. it will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to tell... also, i haven't heard back the results of my ct scan, so i'm thinking that's a good sign. i have a dr appt in a couple weeks, though - so i'll know for sure then.

-i wasn't kidding about the cats.

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me with a migraine - about as emo as i'm getting in front of a camera. :)

1 comment:

Tim & Heidi Thomas said...

myspaced? is that an action or a feeling? jk I really hope your cat drug works well for you although I do wish they could find something to remove them permanently without the nasty side-effects. Until they do....ZZZZZ Uh... Meow!

AND you're done.