Monday, December 17, 2007

disgruntled, yet sympathetic.

every morning i listen to 860 kpam while getting ready for work.
i like hearing bob miller, pat boyle, and ron calhan banter about politics, sports, and trivia.

today, monday, i turned on my radio just as the alarm sounded (as i always do), and instead of bob's familiar voice, i hear a stranger. a strange man invading my monday morning!

the strange man told me that bob, my morning caffeine, my weekday catharsis, my friend...
was in the hospital ... had survived a serious motorcycle accident.

and i, still in my sleep-stupor, was genuinely upset.
what right has bob to drive motorcycles irresponsibly (it was his fault) when i and so many others depend on him?!?

so i muddled through my monday morning, disconcerted, confused...

thanks a lot, bob.

oh, and ... uh ... get well soon.

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