Tuesday, September 9, 2008

adventures in wonderland with keith and curly

(pt 2 of "nightmare weekend from gehenna")

saturday evening
hurrah for the arrival of the sewage suckers!
keith was blonde, fresh faced, about 20. his assistant had long, curly black hair and appeared to be a recent graduate of middle school.
the dynamic duo pulled out their uber-shopvacs, and, realizing that the batteries on their flashlight had died, asked for directions to the nearest convenience store.

initially, they suggested that we tell our insurance company the pipes had broken instead of rusted (i.e. lie). we politely declined, partly because we have a teeny weeny ethical problem with lying, and partly because it would require crawling under the house ourselves to remove the rusted pipes (the evidence of our dishonesty).
no and no.

they sucked up 75 gallons of sewage, deposited it into a storm drain (highly illegal), and left. joel and tim produced a functional sink and toilet, and we proclaimed saturday work officially done.

jardin a la chic toilette

our bathroom, circa saturday night

stay tuned for the last and final installment in our trilogy of feculent calamity!


Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

Love it....still laughing, and I witnessed most all of this myself!

Beware....the smells are dangerous to the baby....hahaha! Talk soon!

kristal said...






what a pain!!! i pray for a swift end to this mess. (and the least expensive one possible)