Monday, October 13, 2008

lots and lots and LOTS of corn!

friday night was the first whole evening we spent together since joel started class.
we spent it lost, muddy, and cold.

it other words, we had the time of our lives...

originally we were going to spend some quality time cooking together! cooking (get this) a rachael ray recipe!! talk about friday night excitement! at about 4pm, joel decided (wisely) that he would prefer spending time with a wife who wasn't driven to distraction and had easy access to knives.
somehow, he's never in the house when i'm cooking.

so instead, we headed to the sauvie island corn ma"i"ze! (the largest in the portland area)
(joel thinks he looks like someone who would eat little children in this pic. i think he's cute.)

we were at the ma"i"ze right at sunset - so pretty. a little frightening though. seriously, it was like the scene in harry potter 4 where harry walks out of the singing and revelry into the "maze of death" ...
i never knew corn could be that creepy.
we survived, with only about 70% of our bodies covered in mud.
so we went out for coffee (at coffee romance) afterward. i'm sure they appreciated our mucky presence in their reputable establishment.


Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

sounds like fun! I actually think Tim and I should go now...legally might I add...maybe you'd watch Kairis? :)

I told Tim it reminded me of Harry's maze in book 4, too! How funny!

lani said...

you should!!
we miiiight be able to make time to watch her. ;) maybe. if we-i mean you-beg really hard!

(so can we pleeeeease watch her!?!)