Tuesday, October 7, 2008


this post is dedicated to heidi thomas
and also to the liberated female employees of the hawthorne buffalo exchange
who creatively display their liberation to their clientele
even though bra-burning went out with the 70's.

i cleaned out my closet on saturday.
i have not gone through my closet since my age began with a one.
my haul included:
-approximately 7 pairs of high-heeled, strappy, toe-baring, and in all ways much too cute shoes for a post-crush injury foot.
-a box of my high school clothes - saved and moved 4 times in desperate hopes that i will fit in them again. the height of late 90's fashion.
-brightly flowered skirts.
-a hawaiian shirt (that i actually wore before i realized that people could see me).
-a besparkled, stylishly frayed denim halter tankini.

heidi and i decided that it would be fun to take these relics of our poor judgment (i won the poor judgment contest) to a semi-trendy area of portland and allow chicly dressed, braless teenagers the opportunity to look at us like we have just exposed them to an agent of chemical warfare*. doesn't that sound like fun???

apparently we were smoking crack.

the 2 of us hauled our 5 bags of clothes and 1 box of shoes 2 blocks from our 15min parking space to the 30min line at hawthorne buffalo exchange. the braless wonders spent approximently .05 seconds of quality time with each clothing item.
we left the hawthorne buffalo exchange with 5 bags of clothes and 1 box of shoes.

on a fanciful whim, we decided to haul our treasures across the street to a new store: "recycled fashion" ... concluding that our clothes at least fulfilled the "recycled" part ... if not the "fashion" part.

at this point, the atmosphere decided that we'd had enough fun for the day. we survived the deluge, and attempted to pawn off wet used shoes on yet another impossibly chic automaton.

down to 4 bags of clothes and 1 box of shoes, we considered our progress fleeting and decided not to press our luck. we left "recycled fashion" with only one minor driving mishap (pedestrians, schmedestrians), came home, and played taboo.

*such as mustard gas


Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

I am laughing so hard right now...tears are forming in my eyes. Seriously, that was quite the day! thanks for this awesome blog. I love it so much I might even copy it onto ours. :) thanks for making me laugh!! :)

Amie said...

What did Recycled Fashions take? I might have some wonderful finds for their shop!

lani said...

glad to provide a laugh, though i don't think anything compares with how much we were laughing on saturday! what a day... do you still have my clothes in your car?

feel free to post it!

lani said...

haha - you'll have to ask heidi! recycled fashions took some of her clothes... pants, i think, but none of mine. buffalo exchange took a few of my clothes, not the ones i expected. it was weird.

Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

I got you a goodwill receipt for the stuff I didn't think buffalo exchange would take. I'm going to try the other location, but I highly doubt they'll take anything more.....too funny. Talk soon!! Hope your week is going great.

mom said...

love you,