Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i am a piano teacher now.

i met a little girl today named haley. she is 5. i am her piano teacher.
she loves pink and purple, and dolls and dancing. she has fluffy blond hair and blue eyes. she is not shy.

she is me. 18 years ago, i was hailey (with pink glasses).

she played the piano for me, just like she plays it at grandma's house. she copied every rhythm i tapped for her perfectly, concentration creasing her cherub face. she tapped the dolly with her right and left hands just as i asked. i told her that she must be the simon-says champion of the whole world.

when we were done hailey cried, "i want to stay!"

inside i said, "i want you to stay!" but outside i said, "i'll see you next week."
... and smiled really big.

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Staci said...

Awwww precious! I bet you are an awesome piano teacher!