Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the long overdue pocahontas post

just three weeks away from opening our next cyt show, i am finally posting pictures from our last show. :) i have such wonderful memories from pocahontas, and want to capture them on this blog before they float into irrelevance.

we rehearsed every friday and saturday at portland lutheran school in the fluorescent music room. surrounded by brightly colored posters and a faint aroma of lunches long past, we crammed 60 kids into a space made for thirty and entreated all to not play on the bleachers during practice. of course, the temptation of bleachers often proved too great to resist, but i know we all tried. :)

i can't think of any seminar, counselor, or marriage book that could equal the marital growth of music directing together. we received much practice in allowing the other to compensate for our weak areas, communicating patiently under pressure, compromising on ideas, working in active submission, and respecting each other's gifts. i only hope the kids learned half as many life lessons as we did during those 8 weeks.
we had the most awesome band! we christened ourselves "rockahontas", and proceeded to rock the hontas off everyone in attendance! :D

at the last minute, joel received the unexpected (and unexpectedly fun) assignment of sound guy. his prior sound experience was miniscule compared to the challenge of a full-blown musical! he developed some awesome skills in this area. my brother chip is experienced in sound, and helped us out a lot. joel and chip have conquered numerous alien universes together, and i think it was high time they used their amazing teamwork for the greater good of non-virtual mankind.
our artistic team, "the second best artistic team ever" (and definitely the loudest) ...

i love this next performance picture. and not primarily because of the cool lighting, awesome costumes, or great sets. i love the intensity and passion, but that's not coolest thing either.
no, my favorite part of this picture is vowel shape.
yeah ... nerdy, i know.
the strike party. exhausted, but hanging onto the last vestiges of pocahontas fun ...after the show was over, we hosted a christmas high tea for 14 of the kids from the show. 6 days after my concussion. yes, it was crazy, and yes, it was FUN!

*all show and rehearsal pictures taken by debbie booth. strike party pictures taken by audrey laws. tea party picture taken by me. :)

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