Thursday, March 25, 2010

cool beans

life is just so cool lately!
so much awesome stuff is happening; i think i spend most of my days wandering around with a silly smile, musing and bumping into things.

number 1 cool thing (in no particular order):
yesterday, i found a much anticipated letter in our mailbox. having promised not to open any letter addressed to joel from a nursing school admissions department, i called him and begged him to come home early. i spent the longest hour of my life trying to find a way to read the contents of the letter without actually opening it. holding it up to the window didn't work, flattening the envelop didn't work, enticing the cat to "accidentally" rip it open didn't work ... i stopped short of steaming it.

finally, after 60 minutes of eternity, joel got home and opened his letter and it said, "congratulations! ..."

we're going to nursing school!!!

moving on ... number 2 cool thing:
last wednesday this person-
asked this person-a very important question (the answer of which most of their family, friends, and the pdx area have known for several years).

they're getting married july 24. i always wanted a sister, and chip sure picked a good one! i'll have to remember to thank him...
he even remembered that i wanted a little sister! what a good brother!


Rebekah said...

Little sister? Or younger sister? (I realized that I fit you can leave it ambiguous if you want...just as long as you promise not to dress me up in hand-me-down dresses and heels a little too big on me...not that older sisters/big sisters ever do that.) :-D

Rebekah said...

And I resent the PDX area knowing the answer for several years--we've only been dating for 2...and a little... :)

lani said...

i don't think my hand-me-down dresses would fit you ... so much for that idea.

re: your second comment ... we just saw how good you two are for each other! ;)

Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

so excited for you both, lani! and we're also excited for chip and bekah! what a sweet match they make!