Friday, March 19, 2010

a tribute to my sorta sista

friendship is a funny thing.
sometimes it grows on you, like a flower bud. odd and unlovely at first, then realizing its potential as it blossoms into fragrant joy.
sometimes it pokes its pretty head out of times of adversity, a thing of beauty thriving in spite of, or perhaps because of difficulty.
and sometimes it waltzes into your life, sweeping you off your feet and tearing the breath from your lungs with its brilliance.
"i'm here!!!" it shouts, "nurture me and i will reward you!"
i have a friend like that. debbie sue young has been ... well, it's hard to describe the relation, but we'll just call it "my sorta sista" for years. this last fall, we actually got to know each other. i've treasured our time-transcending chats over coffee and our lovely week as housemates, and now God's leading is taking her far away.
people who follow God's leading are catalysts to others; their demonstration of trust, acceptance, and love inspires and beautifies everyone around them.
i would like to be a person who inspires others to seek true beauty, to seek God's will, to love more deeply and give richly. it's the highest goal a friend can have.
and i am so blessed to have such a friend.
(and, debbie, so is austin!)

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