Saturday, February 9, 2008

day 1 on the beach

2 words: sunny and sick!

we got in late last night after an absolutely treacherous drive through the worst fog i've ever seen! (joel insists it wasn't that bad...) it was raining and storming and all around gross, but today...
50 degrees and sunny!

this is the view of our accomodations from the beach:


and this is the view from our room (taken with point and shoot ~ i'll have better later):


notice the blue sky and lack of any rain in either picture! :D

but yeah, i'm sick. like, talk-in-a-whisper, coughing-all-night, downing-cough-drops-like-candy sick.


my wonderful husband ran to the store before breakfast this morning and bought cold medicine, cough drops ... the works.
but with a view like that from our room, i don't have much to complain about! instead, i have more time to take pics and photoshop!
here's one i took on the beach and processed today (larger because it's prettier):


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