Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a real, honest-to-goodness update, kinda

in the last month we...

~took our home off the market
zippideedooda ... you know the rest! yeah, we're excited. we like our little home, and we're stoked to be able to stay in it a while longer. we were able to work things out financially and we're planning on staying for at least the next few years ... which is convenient since it wasn't selling!

~refined career goals
joel is still pursuing a career in the medical field, but is now planning on becoming a nurse-practitioner.
lots of reasons: the flexiblity that nursing allows, less time until he finishes school, less intensity of schooling (which = less strain on our family)... we're both excited about this shift. he'll be hopping into chemistry and anatomy/physiology in the fall, plus keeping his full time job. we're in the eye of the hurricane now, enjoying a school-less summer.

~took up gardening
yes, you read that correctly. we of the infamous lawn, the pale, sitting-next-to-each-other-with-our-separate-laptops-equals-quality-time roberts's have taken up gardening as our new "together hobby". we put in an herb garden, flower beds (we even lined them with bricks!), and we have great plans for the backyard. i'll post photos sometime soon ... when i catch up with photos from the past 3 months.

~did nothing with my photo website
it's still in the works ... i haven't forgotten ... but my computer has been having issues. i've had to reformat twice, and only yesterday did my darling husband get my wireless working. i'm way behind on projects for others, so personal projects are taking a backseat right now. it'll come out soon ... when you're least expecting it... ;)

~got haircuts
yes ... we finally buzzed joel's yearlong experiment. i don't have before-after shots, but i do have a photo of the resulting mess. btw, it was the first time i've ever cut anybody's hair. (except my bangs. once.)

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Andrea said...

I love catch up posts. Yeah for keeping the house! I can't wait to see pictures from your garden. Glad to hear that goals are a little closer, I think that N.P.'s are great.