Wednesday, December 10, 2008

identity crisis

my brother is 6'5.
my father is 6'1.
my husband 6'0.
my mother is 5'9.

i live in tall-ish family, and i have always been teased about being short. for many years i protested, "i'm not short, i'm average!" after all, 5'3-4ish is the national average. or maybe just under. (sshhh)

last week, i had my height measured for the first time since my mid-teens - officially, by a nurse in a nurse suit and everything!

that's five-feet-six-inches.

i am no longer average. i am above average. i look down on more than half of all women.
i'm not short! or vertically challenged! or any of the other cute words for it!

not really sure what to do with this radical amendment of my identity - except to exult in the fact that, short or not, i can still wear kids' shoes.


Andrea said...

Believe it or not, I was one of the tallest kids in my 6th grade class....I think that was the last time I was ever able to look most of my peers eye-to-eye.
I always thought that you had to be tall to be a mom....guess not 'cause I only made it to 5'2"!

lani said...

lol! good thing you don't... though i always looked forward to the day i would get taller than my mom and it never came. :(

kristal said...

yey! i'm so happy for you. i'm still hoping i'll shrink:)

Twig said...

I can wear kid shoes too--sometimes that's convenient, and sometimes not shopping in the adult section gets really old...Can you wear women's and kid's?