Monday, January 26, 2009

swdtls: part 1

swdtls: stuff we did this last summer.

in the summer, we're too busy doing fun and interesting stuff for me to blog it all.
in the winter, we're not doing anything interesting, ergo i have nothing to blog.

i have put my awesome deductive skills to work, and come up with a solution. my solution is...
the swdtls series! even though none of this is relevant now (was it then?), and most of it probably won't be interesting to anyone but me ... it's a shame to let a few good photos go to waste, don't you think?

so, we commence part one:

the ridiculously early morning hike to middle earth
september 6, 2008

one of the ways we celebrated our 4th anniversary (8-28-08) was a sunrise hike at punchbowl falls. it was beautiful, serene, and perfectly lonely.

we passed the time chatting, enjoying the beauty around us, and pretending that we were in middle earth and/or narnia (at least i did).


Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

goodness, those are amazing photos!! we'll have to hike down there sometime...but, not on your anniversary. we'll let you guys enjoy your narnia :)

lani said...

we should - it's fun! nearly killed my foot though ... i didn't mention that part.

i don't think joel went for the narnia part. he's not nearly as much of a pretender as i am (surprise, surprise).

Andrea said...

I happen to be very partial the your anniversary date! :)

Your pictures are amazing and I love that you share a part of your imagination with us!

Andrea said...
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