Friday, February 20, 2009

i iz pwning germz

i acquired a cold at exactly 3:45pm wednesday afternoon.
it has remained a stunted cold, however, and for this i credit
ZICAM, homeopathic exterminator of pernicious pathogens!

(and i credit for that description.)


Amie said...

That stuff is great! I have used it as well, and find it to be very helpful!!! Hope you're feeling better!

kristal said...

yey! your mom actually introduced me to that stuff. we had to make an "emergency" stop at fred meyer for it when your dad felt a cold coming on. sonny and i have used it ever since!

lani said...

it really is wonderful! i didn't get past a mild cold this time, and everyone i know has been getting it really bad. (plus, it's considerably less unpleasant than a lot of comparable products!)