Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's ok that i haven't blogged in a long time cause i have baby pictures.

so ... yeah.
and yes, i know, these aren't the promised garden pictures. those are (probably) coming, along with excuses for why i haven't blogged or commented in half an eternity an update on our life (or lack thereof) for the last month.

baby pictures are of 11 month old kairis and her parents.


Staci said...

Lani these pics are great!! I love the one of her sitting kinda behind the tall grass and peeking out! They are all great. Love baby pics :)

Kristine said...

darn i love babies <3

Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

LOL! Those are AWESOME!! I can hardly wait to see more!!! You are an awesome photographer, but then again it probably helps having the cutest baby in the world to photograph too....:P

Thanks again, Lani. We really appreciate you and your many talents!