Monday, October 19, 2009

after the weekend...

yes, i know joel is blurry. he is not the subject of this picture. the subject of this picture is the full sink, the remnants of salad, the water bottle that i filled for rehearsal on friday and accidentally left home, and ... vinegar? no idea why that's there.

this is what the house generally looks like after the weekend, at least the parts of the house not visible to my 8pm sunday piano student. he gets a clean living room.

life is busy but so good. we are especially enjoying working together with pocahontas - i had no idea my husband was such a good vocal teacher! you learn new things all the time... :)

christian youth theater is in a financial bind right now, and lots of emphasis has been placed on ticket sales for pocahontas. there is a big incentive for reaching the ticket goal: a party with lots of fun stuff ...
including the spectacle of my husband being given a mohawk.

[sigh] ... yes, i'm willing to sacrifice his hair for a good cause. so, if you want to see pictures of joel with a mohawk on this blog, pop over here to get tickets.

and, if you like, go here for some video of the awesome fight scene our kids our learning with a professional fight choreographer!

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