Saturday, October 10, 2009

the attack of pocahontas

last spring i accompanied christian youth theater's presentation of willy wonka. it was a blast. i had a great time working with the kids, the band, and the music director, jeff, and decided that maybe someday i'd like to be a music director for cyt.

i mentioned this to jeff, and specified that i would definitely want to get some training first ... accompany another show, shadow a music director ... stuff like that, before i'd feel ready.

several weeks passed before a buoyant, theater-ish lady with lovely red hair marched up to me, introduced herself as the director of cyt's next show, and announced that jeff had told her to talk to me about music directing it. i told her that i'd think about it, went home, and told joel that there was absolutely no way that i would music direct a show in the fall.

well ...

so here it is, october, and we just finished our first rehearsal for pocahontas. joel and i are co-music directing - which makes me very glad.

these last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of planning, meetings, auditions, and recording rehearsal cds all night.

i love working with kids, music, and joel. my three favorites.

(by the way, i blame pocahontas for my near total neglect of this blog for the last, oh, month-and-a-half.)

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Tim and Heidi Thomas said...

can't wait to see the show! we're so happy for you both, that you get to do this passion of yours together. :)