Monday, April 2, 2007

neurologist appt #2

i had another appointment with my neurologist - still trying to figure out the headaches. i've been on 2 medications since my last appointment a month ago: t... t... uh... something, and amitriptyline (or "i'm-a-trampoline" - as joel calls it. a husband who can make you laugh is worth the world.)
anyhoo, she gave me the results of my ct scan, which were worth sharing. it was normal, except for a funny space near the back of my brain. she called the radiologist, who assured her it was nothing to worry about - just an enlarged drainage space (everybody has them - mine are just bigger).
so... everybody who thinks i'm spacey: i have an excuse! there are holes in my brain!

i think i'm going to regret having shared that...

as for my migraines, she ordered some blood tests, upped my dose of the topamax i take - i call it "dopamax" :) - and told me to come back in 6-8 weeks.

so i'll keep taking my dopamax, i'm-a-trampoline, and limping through life with my holey head. funny it never bothered me...

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Tim & Heidi Thomas said...

thanks for the update! we are praying for you, and are thankful for you and Joel! yes, husbands who can make us "serious folk" laugh, (loudly) are worth the world!! :)

Hang in there, our prayers are with you! Also, I have some cucumber plants for you...I'll send them to work with Tim in a day or two.