Tuesday, April 24, 2007

we have met the enemy...

this is a recent self portrait i posted on flickr:

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it pretty accurately describes my feelings toward our home right now.

i am a pow in in my own home, and the enemy is bugs.

itty bitty ants, actually. they don't come for food (since they've invaded we've seen that they have NO targets...) they just come.
they come past the ant traps, past the raid-soaked walls and floorboards, for what purpose?

who knows the mind of an ant?

all i know is the mind of a lani, and that's a pretty good picture of it above...

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Kristi said...

Hi Lani, I found your blog from Tim and Heidi's. I have heard that putting down artifical sweetner kills ants..I've never tried it but it doesn't say much for artificial sweetner does it? Let me know if it works!

Kristi McKenney