Monday, January 21, 2008

we are, we are

the youth of the nation.

as sung by little children in the chorus of p.o.d.'s sobering elegy (or perhaps eulogy?) that passionately documents a range of the "poster child" problems of the millenial generation.

equally poignant is the recently published "100 young americans", a photo-documentary of american youth spanning all 50 states. (with the usual bias toward the easternmost quarter of the nation. dratted easterners.)
the goal of photographer and project director michael franzini was to present as completely as possible the diversity of american youth culture in 100 photographic and brief biographical portraits. he chose his subjects to closely follow census data ~ he based his choices on hours of research, study, and ultimately, a whole lot of randomness.

i don't know that he succeeded in his goal, but ... i don't know if success (as he defined it) was possible.
postmodernism defies posterchildren.
personhood cannot be classified. (kingdom: human, phylum: teen, class: goth, order: vampire, family...)

i, a youth of the nation, refuse to be represented.

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