Monday, May 5, 2008


i've been tagged by kristal in blog/email/myspace/etc. tag ...
(didn't these used to be chain letters when we were little?)
thank you, kristal!

4 jobs i've had:
1. server/hostess at rose's tea room
2. receptionist at first american title company (fatco)
3. buyer's assistant to the buyer of all girl's clothing for fred meyer (a temp job that lasted 2 days, thank goodness)
4. middle school choir accompanist/t.a.

4 movies i've watched more than once:
1. chicken little (i LOVE that movie! fish is my HERO! end of ebulations.)
2. the chosen
3. fiddler on the roof
4. oscar

4 places i've lived:
1. gresham, or
2. troutdale, or
3. portland, or
4. kennewick, wa (which one doesn't fit? lol)

4 TV shows i watch:
1. the cosby show
2. m.a.s.h.
3. mary tyler moore
4. ... does pro football count?

4 places i've been:
1. lots of south-central alaska
2. the newark, new jersey airport (ask me about it sometime)
3. vancouver, b.c. (can't wait to go back)
4. rice, ca ;)

4 people who email me regularly:
1. joel :)
2. jay ... the whole boss thing
3. heidi
4. mailerdaemon

4 of my favorite foods:
1. hard boiled eggs
2. chicken makhani from swagat
3. joel's raspberry scones (he got the recipe from a bed&breakfast we stayed at in cannon beach)
4. starbucks

4 places i would love to visit:
1. pretty much anywhere in italy and france
2. l'abri (in switzerland)
3. kyoto
4. peru

4 things i'm looking forward to in the coming year:
1. summer!
2. friends moving up from california
3. selling our house (hopefully!)
4. being able to walk, run, and hike as my foot heals

4 friends i'm tagging:
1. heidi
2. tim (yeah, i know, same blog, but i'm curious about both of your answers)
3. melissa
4. rebekah

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kristal said...


thanks SO much for actually responding to my tag! it was so fun to read your answers and to see that my "chain" did not end:)