Wednesday, May 7, 2008

that was easy


this is our new easy button. it was free. (easy and free!)
we push it and it says "that was easy" in a hip, cynical male voice. it always reminds me of the mac guy from the commercials.

this week my easy button with its cynical-apple voice has lied to me.

-the computer fix was not easy. it required 4 hours and a reinstallation of microsoft.
-getting rid of my perma-headache has not been easy. 'nuff said.
-getting the mailing out at work will not be easy. we pre-postaged the envelopes, then postponed the mailing to next monday, the day the rates go up.
-honestly, having a good attitude (and not snapping at poor joel) has not been easy.
-i could go on...

and then i wondered where on earth i got the idea that living life is supposed to be easy.
...that i have a right to ease.
am i buying into the ideology of the church of staples?
and - what sacrifices must be made to appease the "idol of ease"?
personal growth?
relational growth (with others and with god)?

maybe i'll stick it out with my oh-so-hard life for now...

oh look! my persecuted church email update just arrived! (gulp)

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