Friday, June 5, 2009

i'm BACK! woooo!!!


how're things in blogopolis?!? (actually, i shouldn't ask that because i already know - i've secretly been reading all your blogs while i've been too lazy distractable adhd busy to post.)

out here in robertsville* we're mostly in recovery mode, with a little bit of radical life change mode thrown in too.**

recovering from...

~ willy wonka shows: my biggest non-work time commitment of the last 8 weeks is now over - rehearsals are done, shows played, equipment packed up, goodbyes said, and memories made. i'm trying to track down some pics of our band, but haven't found any. i'll post them if i ever do.

~ joel's school term: ok, technically we're not recovering from this yet. joel still has finals until next tuesday, so he's studying hard like the brilliant student that he is. (love you, dear!)

~ the house: well, the yard. we've been trying to turn our yard into ... a yard. plants have been planted with great tenderness, weeds have been eliminated with great tenacity, the shed has been cleaned with vigor, and asphalt has been jackhammered ... by my brother. blog post coming soon, i promise.

~ major life decisions made: which segues perfectly into ...

radical life change...

~ i'm taking some big steps these days ... embarking on new adventures, making and pursuing career goals, and just generally shaking everything up! on july 1st, i will no longer be the office manager at grace community church, a position i have held for over 3.5 years. i'm embarking into exciting new territory, and i'll keep y'all updated on what it is and how it goes! for now, wish me luck as i wrap up a huge job into training manuals, job descriptions, and goodbyes.

~ on the lighter side (and maybe "radical life change" is a stretch), i cut my hair.
it's amazing what a little haircut (and lighting and photoshop and chapstick) will do for you!

*seriously, blogger spellcheck, give up already.
**no, we're not pregnant. stop asking.


Kristine said...

lol did someone keep asking if you were pregnant? i just had someone ask me that yesterday....i gave no indication of being pregnant. weird and awkward.

lani said...

lol - oh, people do from time to time. mostly i'm joking ... people start to expect things when you've been married almost 5 years!

Twig said...

Okay, the pregnant comment really made me laugh. And think of your mom. :-D

Hannah said...

Does it have anything to do with the Suzuki piano book you are reading???

lani said...

well ... yes ... it actually has just about everything to do with the suzuki piano book i'm reading! :D

(but i'm not officially starting anything til the fall...)