Wednesday, March 19, 2008


~10:48pm tonight is the beginning of spring! i'm throwing a party with my pillow.

~joel's last final of his first term of pre-med is tomorrow night. pre-calc. this has been a term of adjustments and a lot of hard work, and i'm really proud of him.

~our house is currently covered with a thin layer of white powder (diatomaceous earth to kill the ants). if a buyer stops by unannounced they'll either think we're trying to anthrax them or that we're a houseful of users so rich and strung out that we toss crack everywhere.

~i just got my first official senior picture gig! i'm not telling who ... that will be a surprise. it will probably be in a few weeks - when things are a little more bloomy outside.

~i hired a new assistant at grace last week. her name is charlene and she's a sweetie, though the week before easter is about the worst time to start working at a church, poor dear.

~on saturday night we got a free ticket to see the oregon pro arte orchestra perform peter and the wolf. which wouldn't be that amazing (i'm not that big on prokofiev), except that it was narrated by john ogden stiers - best known for his role as major winchester on the tv show "m.a.s.h." he conducted a couple pieces too. it was amazing.

can you spot the little brother?


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