Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mean old dentist, mean old ants

i had a dentist appointment today
and i thought it was next week
and the lady from the dentist office
was really mean to me on the phone.

(just had to get that out there.)

i took a ton of pictures last weekend (including some gorgeous ones of my handsome husband, plus some of our photogenic teenage friends...)
but i haven't had a chance to process them yet because my nemesis is back, and i'm not happy about it.


we are putting up a valient fight against the evil ants, and so far, we are losing. the smell of raid permeates my nightmares as battalions of ants march through the cupboards, the bathtub, and across the expanse of living room floor.
i think we live on top of their marine base - instead of the typical libidinous barefoot-and-pregnant queen, they have a 3 ton female amazon general thundering out orders from her lair under our pitiful little house.

unsuspecting buyers, beware!!! (but don't read this blog until we've signed the papers.)

(postscript: i can't get the image size to work on this. i went for a size in between the 2 sizes on my last blog, but it doesn't seem to want to cooperate... sorry!)

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